MacGyver rockar ju Indiana Jones socks off!

Sitter och tittar på MacGyver - hur cool som helst ju, fastän serien nu på äldre (?) dagar har visat sig vara en moralkaka (googla ordet).

Har ni sett Indiana Jones 4?

Den filmen är en total rip off på
MacGyver, säsong 7 avsnitt 13:

MacGyver får veta att den unge fotojournalisten Sam är hans son när han undersöker kinesiska smugglare.

Dialogen kring avslöjandet var totalt den samma. Samma torra skämt... total rip off...

Så George Lucas tappade all dialog o regi-anda efter alla Star Wars filmerna var över?


Pete: MacGyver, I thought your grandfather Harry was your last living relative.
MacGyver: Yeah, me too.
Pete: Well, then what line of the family is Sam from?
MacGyver: Well, I guess you could say he's from my side. He's my son.
Pete: Your what?
MacGyver: He's my son, Pete. I, uh, I knew his mother a long time ago. Like I said, it's a long story.
Pete: Yeah, bet it is.
MacGyver: Oh, have 'em run a spectrograph on this.
Sam: Yeah. Steel smelted in China would have a high ratio of iron isotopes.
Pete: Yeah. Sure.
Sam: I always could take care of myself. Mom said it runs in the family.
Sam: Tofu? Wheat germ? Don't you have anything that's even a little bad for you?
MacGyver: Harry used to say, "Eating healthy never hurt anybody."
Sam: Who's Harry?
MacGyver: He was your great-grandfather. I think you would have liked him.
MacGyver: So, Sam, Samuel? How'd your mom came up with that?
Sam: Well actually, my real name is Sean. Sam's a nickname. Sean A. Malloy, S-A-M, Sam. Get it?
MacGyver: Yeah. What about the A.?
Sam: Ahhhhh, that's my middle name...
MacGyver: Let me guess: Angus?
Sam: Yeah, Mom loved it.
MacGyver: Yeah, I know.
Sam: I'm not too crazy about it, though.
MacGyver: I know the feeling.

MacGyver: Let me understand something, then. You're actually planning to go out and take a human life?
Sam: Well, the law can't touch him!
MacGyver: So what? You're the judge, jury and executioner?
Sam: He was! I saw him put a gun to her head. I want justice!
MacGyver: All right, hold it right there! Murder is not justice! The killing has got to stop with us. We should be telling ourselves we're good enough to solve our problems without taking human life. The killing has got to stop, Sam. And right now, that's a choice you gotta make.
Sam: What do you know? My first father-son lecture.
MacGyver: Yeah. How was it?
Sam: Kinda hard to take. But not bad.

I'm going to go with.
MacGyver: I don't think so. There could be some trouble.
Sam: Look. We just found out you're my father. That's father, not boss. I've been on my own a long time, and I'm old enough to vote, I'm old enough to fight for my country, not to mention the fact that I am a professional photojournalist and I'm looking at one hell of a story. So back off. I'm going with you.
MacGyver: Pete...
Pete: Nope. Sorry. I make it a point never to get involved in family arguments.
MacGyver: Thanks. Well what do you know? My first son-father lecture.
Sam: How was it?
MacGyver: Kinda hard to take. But okay.
Sam: What's wrong?
MacGyver: I'm a little afraid of heights.
Sam: They don't bother me.
MacGyver: You got that from your mother.
Sam: You sure about this?
MacGyver: Your great-grandfather used to say, "Only fools are sure of anything. A wise man keeps on guessing."
Sam: You're right. I would have liked him.
Pete: You know, I can't even imagine what it's going to be like without you around here.
MacGyver: Well, it was bound to happen. Things change.
Pete: Not always. Good things don't. Don't you ever change, MacGyver.
MacGyver: Don't you either, Pete.
Sam: So, uh, where to?
MacGyver: Somewhere else.

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